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Friday, August 17, 2018 - Sylvia Lake Association Meeting and Election of Officers, Fowler Town Hall

Photo: Caroline Sprague

GREAT turnout for the milfoil mat moving. Special thanks to Alex Carpenter for organizing, the Sylvia Lake Association for publicity, Joe Lacks for lending his pontoon boat to the effort, and to the Kraker, Dodds, Griebsch, Sprague, Undercoffler, Reilly, and Tersmette families and friends for providing diving, muscles, and cleanup efforts. Many hands make light (or at least efficient) work. It takes a team to save our lake. Photos: Emily Sprague

Photo: Betsy Turner

Another fine fishing derby with beautiful trophies donated by the Force Family, Lots of help with fish management from Ferguson Family and Friends, Put another good sized dent in Rock Bass Population.

Fun for all

Photos: Gale Ferguson

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The Sylvia Lake Association has entered into an agreement with Adirondack Ecologists, LLC, President, Steve LaMere. Adirondack Ecologists will study and assess our milfoil problem and make recommendations for abatement actions. The Board agreed to pay Adirondack Ecologists LLC $925. for the cost of the survey, procurement of water samples and analysis of the samples. Visit Adirondack Ecologists, LLC. website to learn more. Steve LaMere reported to the Spring SLA meeting on his findings. Stay tuned...more on milfoil to come.


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Sylvia Lake Pet Etiquette


Be sure your dog is a good neighbor. Prevent your pet from being a nuisance by following these guidelines.


• Be aware that some people are afraid of dogs.

• Control your dog at all times.

• Keep your dog confined to your property.

• Supervise your dog when it is outside.

• Keep your dog on a leash when off your property.

• Be aware of and curb your dog's barking.

• Pick up and dispose of your pet's waste.

• Be sure its dog tag is in place at all times.


The Town of Fowler has a Leash and Nuisance Law. Dogs "may not run at large, bark habitually, or chase or intimidate any person." Complaints may be filed with a peace officer, Town Justice or Dog Warden.

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Background photo: Joel LaPierre, July 3, 2018

Sylvia Lake, New York