Sponsored by: Sylvia Lake Association

Dates: September 11, 2021 – pick-up and clean-up of shoreline and bays (no rain date)

September 13, 2021 – transport to Gouverneur Transfer Station

Purpose: Maintain and restore the natural beauty of the lake by removing unsightly shoreline and submerged trash and debris.

Details: All seasonal and full-time residents are encouraged to recover and collect shoreline and submerged debris on their and/or their neighbors’ shore front. Debris will be gathered by boat on September 11. Collected debris will be deposited in trailers and trucks at the Pumphouse Landing for subsequent transport to the Gouverneur Transfer Station on September 13.  In addition to the shoreline debris collection, volunteers will be recovering debris and trash from the bays (inlet, outlet, Hotel, and Pumphouse bays).

Target Items: Submerged tires, metal, and containers, and uninvited trash and litter that has washed-up on your shoreline and our bays. Also, unwanted old tires (previously used as bumpers).

CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.  LIKEWISE, NO HOUSEHOLD TRASH.  All metal collected will be recycled at the Fowler Town Buildings.

Cost: FREE.  The Sylvia Lake Association is covering the costs of disposal at the Transfer Station. However, donations to off-set the disposal fees are welcome and can be made to the Association Treasurer, Cindy Shaw.

Questions or Need Assistance:

Contact Bill Cook (Event Coordinator) at (484-447-2643 or wjcook108@comcast.net) or any other Sylvia Lake Association Board member (via the website), and we will do our best to support your individual clean-up efforts.

 Contact Bill Cook to let him know of your availability on Saturday, and if you have a truck, trailer and/or boat available to support the clean-up effort.  More hands make for light work.




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